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 The Life and Times of Sir Winston Churchill.
WWI Germany scuttles its fleet at Scapa Flow.
Sir Francis Chichester.
Conquest Of The Sea On Gypsy Moth.
Grand Central Terminal Saved From the Wrecking Ball.
Men Of Harlech.

Harlech Castle 1468 AD.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill attended the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.
Graduated December 1894 and Commissioned with the Queen's Own Hussars.

Winston Churchill WWI 1916
Seated center commanding the 6th Battalion of the
Royal Scots Fusiliers

"When you are going through Hell, keep going."

Winston Churchill with his wife Lady Clementine

A spectacular assembly of Britain's bulwark.

The Royal Navy Fleet
off Spithead, Portsmouth
of over 200 warships.

Notice the barrage Defense Balloons overhead
a Royal Air Force Squadron of Bi-Planes
entering on a fly over as seen on the top right hand corner.

Original Photo 1914

King George V
On the deck of the Battleship H.M.S. Dreadnought
during the inspection of the Royal Navy Fleet.

"Rule Britannia."
"Britannia Rules The Waves"

Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty,
aboard the H.M.S. King George V

Churchill pictured here during Naval Review
Sir Winston Churchill
Prime Minister


Prime Minister during the Battle of Britain from 1940 to 1945, at war with Nazi Germany.
His speeches and radio broadcasts
helped to inspire the British people during their darkest hour.

1940 to 1941

When the British Empire stood almost alone against Adolf Hitler's war machine,
among his speeches to Parliament and the people were:

"You ask what is our aim."
"The answer is one word--Victory."
"Victory at all costs."
"Victory in spite of all terror." 
"Victory however long and hard the road may be." 
"For without victory there is no survival."

"We shall persevere."

Royal Air Force Spitfires

On the 15th of August 1940, the Battle of Britain had reached a critical point,
during air raids- the Blitz and night bombings.
Sir Winston gave a tribute to pilots of the Royal Air Force Fighter Command.

"Never in the field of human conflict have so many owed so much to so few."
"We shall go on 'til the end."
"We shall fight them on the land, on the sea and in the air."
"All we ask is give us the tools and we will finish the job."
"Never, never, never give up."
"We shall defend our island nation whatever the cost may be."
"We shall fight them on the beaches, in the fields, in the streets.
We will fight them from our rooftops and in our gardens. We shall never surrender."

On December 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan, unprovoked, bombed Pearl Harbor
in a surprise attack.
The United States signed a Declaration of War on the Empire of Japan,
joining Britain and the Allied Forces in the war effort on all fronts.

On December 8, 1941, the British government, in unity, declared war on Japan.
WWII was at full charge.

In February, 1945, after years of war and bloodshed on all continents,
the Yalta Conference was called by the following world leaders:
Prime Minister Churchill, Great Britain
President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the United States
Joseph Stalin, USSR.

The three leaders agreed to demand Germany's immediate surrender.

On the 8th of May, 1945, in Berlin, Germany officially surrendered ending the war in Europe.

"Our finest hour."

Winston Churchill, the lion's roar, had led Britain to victory.

In conclusion--in 1963, Churchill, the statesman, was made honorary citizen of the USA.

 Churchill died on the 24th of January, 1965 at the age of 90.

Churchill's Funeral Procession passes through Trafalgar Square.

After his state funeral at St. Paul's Cathedral, with full military honors,
he was buried in the family plot at Bladon, Oxfordsh

Story by Ian O. Robertson
In 1913, The Hamburg Amerika Line H.A.P.A.G
under Chairman Albert Ballin
had three luxurious superliners:

The Albert Ballin Trio at Southampton Docks

During WWI, all three ships were seized by the Allies and renamed 

Germany Surrenders Its Naval Fleet
at Scapa Flow, Scotland

On November the 11th, 1918,
Germany signed the Armistice agreement ending WWI.
The agreement states
 that all 74 ships of the German Imperial Fleet
 under the command of Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter
proceed and assemble off Scapa Flow Scotland,
with all gun's firing mechanisms dismantled
 and ammunitions removed.

If they failed to do so, they would be sunk in place.

The German Fleet En Route to Scapa Flow

On the early morning of the 21st of November,
the German Fleet proceeded
 in single line formation with guns facing fore and aft.

Behind the lead escort cruiser H.M.S. Cardiff,
and flanked on both sides by the Royal Navy Fleet,
that was at battle station ready,
commanded by Sir David Beatty
 on board the H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth.

Germany's Fleet of 74 ships surrendering in single formation,
flanked on both sides by The Royal Navy.

At sunset, they reached Firth of Forth.
All ships were inspected by boarding parties
and ordered to lower their battle flags never to be raised again.

By December the 13th, all ships were anchored
at Scapa Flow manned only with skeleton crews.

20,000 Officers and Crew had been repatriated back to Germany.

King George V and Sir David Beatty
on the deck of the Battleship H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth

During the months that followed,
moral and conditions had reached a critical low point
 with no decision on the future of the interned German fleet.
Admiral Reuter decided the only honorable thing to do was
 to scuttle (sink) the fleet.

He kept his plan a total secret,
shared only with a few trusted officers and crewmen.

They were ordered to weld all water tight doors OPEN,
grease and loosen all seacock valves,
place sledge hammers at all drain locations and
open all portholes and deadlights
in preparation to scuttle.

On the morning of the 21st of June at 10:00am,
Admiral Reuter stood in full military dress
 on the bridge of the battle cruiser EMDEN.
He ordered the secret signal flag be raised,
giving the order to scuttle the fleet.
All of the 74 ships of the fleet followed orders
 and the sinking began.

Below decks, crews were opening all intake valves to carry out the order.

The Scuttled German Fleet

In conclusion, he ordered the Imperial Naval flag
 be hoisted on all ships' masts.
At 12:16 hours, the first ship to sink
was the Battleship Friedrich Der Grosse.

Germany suffered the greatest loss in Naval Shipping in History.

Story by Ian O Robertson

WWII Germany's Kriegsmarine had a formidable fleet of warships

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
as written in the Annals of History

Rule Britannia
Britannia Victorious

Footnote by Ian O Robertson

Sir Francis Chichester

On the 27th of August 1966, Sir Francis Chichester sailed his 50' ketch, Gypsy Moth, on a single-handed voyage around the world, circumnavigating on the Trade Route taken by the Clipper Ships.

He returned home to Plymouth Harbour on the 28th of May 1967
 to a hero's welcome and Royal Navy salute.

He later sailed Gypsy Moth up the Thames River to Greenwich London where he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Her majesty knighted Chichester with the same sword that Queen Elizabeth I used to knight Sir Francis Drake
aboard Drake's ship, The Golden Hind,
on the 4th of April 1581 AD.

The Gypsy Moth at Sea

Returning home to Plymouth Harbour to a Hero's Welcome.

Sir Francis Chichester being knighted by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Story by Ian O. Robertson

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 
saves Grand Central Terminal

from the Wrecking Ball

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy with Mayor Ed Koch and Friends

In 1965, Mayor Robert F. Wagner created the New York Preservation Landmarks Commission.
Not long after that, Grand Central Terminal become a Landmark Preserved Building.
In 1970, Builder and Investment Groups had planned to demolish Grand Central Terminal
with proposals to build an office tower in its place.

The Landmarks' Preservation Commission denied any proposal for demolition
 but were struck down by the New York Courts.

That's when local preservationists
along with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the Municipal Arts Society
sprung into action the save Grand Central Terminal.

They took their grand stand all the way to the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

On June the 26th, 1978,
the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the New York Landmark Preservation Commission.

And, Grand Central Terminal was saved from demolition.

Exterior of Grand Central Station
Built by Railroad Tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt

The terminal stands as a universal symbol of New Yorkers past and present.

The Main Concourse at Grand Central Station
with Information Booth and Clock

Marilyn Monroe at Grand Central Terminal

A Victory for Landmark Preservation.
Grand Central is there today for future generations to enjoy.

Story by Ian O Robertson


Men of Harlech

The siege of Harlech Castle, Wales, 1468 AD.

Men of Harlech onto glory,
This forever be your story,
Men of Harlech, Cambria calling.

"Cymru Abyth"

See the barbed steads proudly prancing,
Mid the helmets in sunlight gleaming,
with the bow and lance tips shining
Cambria heed the call.

Feel the hills and valleys shaking,
with the war cry thunder sounding.
See the foe on yonder vancing,
from the hills and rocks rebounding.
Men of Harlech stand ye ready.

"Cymru Abyth"

Men of Harlech on to glory,
this forever be your story,
with your banners famed in glory.

"Cymru Abyth"
"Wales Forever"

Men of Harlech
Adapted by Ian O Robertson

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